Party Town Free Diamonds

Party Town Free Diamonds

Congratulations for discovering our site, we would like to share this opportunity to claim your Party Town Free Diamonds. #PartyTownFreeDiamonds

A once in a while opportunity for everyone who loves to play Party Town Free Diamonds, with this giveaways we are sure to get your level grows. Even for this very cute game ever, rewards for free diamonds are awaits you. Just follow the simple instructions below to continue claiming diamonds.

Hurry before every one get diamonds for free, for a while we limit the free diamonds for once a day only. You just have to visit the site again tomorrow if you wish to get more.  A legit way to claim your free diamonds in party town game. With different situation and theme of the game, the girls are wishing for meteor garden.

If you’re lucky then get a treasure chest and prevent anyone for covering it. Large treasure box will surely surprise you, you heard it right. Lucky box is updated so make sure to claim your prizes right away.

Party Town Free Diamonds

Party Town Free Diamonds proof

Steps to Claim Party Town Free Diamonds:

1. Enter your Facebook Login Email Address and Connect your Facebook Account.

2. Click CLAIM ONLINE NOW and complete a simple offer.

3. After successful Completion, wait for 5 – 10 minutes and check your account.

4. Congratulations your DONE! The resources successfully added in your account.


Produce a personalized buddy; decorate your property; go shopping; network with buddies; lawn; and in some cases get married with an added partner.

PLAY NOW -> The Cutest game and OFFICIAL version for Party Town on Facebook! 10,000,000 world-wide players playing in 2013! English FAQ:

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